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Relief Society:


  FREE September 2018 Relief Society Ministering Printable poster and text messages for Latter-day Saints #LDS #LovePrayTeach #ReliefSociety #Ministering



Worksheet (Goes along with Primary 6 Lesson 34):

Give each child a worksheet and something to write with. Ask them to take two or three minutes to write down as many things as they can to answer the following question: “What are some things we do to worship Heavenly Father?” Invite the kids to share what they have written.  Help them fill in any ideas they may have missed.  Some examples might be

  • Attend Primary and sacrament meetings
  • Treat others with love
  • Read the scriptures by ourselves
  • Make Good Choices

Primary 6 Lesson 34: Elijah and the False Prophets of Baal





Young Women:


This activity would be a fun little game to play at the beginning of the lesson, "Why are we commanded to keep the Sabbath day holy?" Pass out the little worksheets. Set a timer for 1 minute and have the girls write down as many sabbath day activities they can think of. After the one minute is up, have them call out what they wrote down. If they have the same thing as someone else, they need to cross it out. The girls with the most activities not crossed out at the end, wins! Give her a little treat or some other advantage for winning!






 Youth Sunday School:



These little handouts can be used in numerous ways.  They are the perfect size for the youth to use on their bulletin boards at home, taped in their locker at school, they can be collected throughout the year and made into a little book by punching holes in the corners and using a key ring to attach them each week.  If your  class uses journals or smash books, these are the perfect size to tape into their individual books.


September: Youth Sunday School How can I help others understand my standards?






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