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LDS Lesson Helps for Primary, Relief Society, Young Women, Youth Sunday School, Visiting Teaching

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LDS Lesson Helps

We offer two ways to buy our lesson helps:

  • You can buy individual lesson packets in Our Lovely Store. This is a great option if you're only teaching once a month.
  • We also offer our popular membership program! If you are teaching more than once a month, a membership is a great way to save money! For a low monthly price, you get access to all the lesson packets each month in a category! Click on any of the above categories to learn more!


Love Pray Teach Philosophy:

Each of us have been called as a teacher in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This ranges from being a Visiting Teacher, Mother, Youth Sunday School Teacher, Primary Teacher, Young Women leader, a Relief Society Teacher, and everything in between! Being a teacher is a sacred calling and we believe it falls under these three things:


We start by loving those we teach. It's a much harder calling to teach someone that you don't feel love towards. Using the Savior's example, He taught with incredible love. Everything He said and did was because He loves each of us. His love and patience with His disciples is evident throughout the New Testament and Book of Mormon. We too can love those we teach as the Savior did!


Next, we need to pray. We pray for those individuals that we teach. Pray for them by name. You will feel that love for them as you pray for each of them. We also need to pray for inspiration for our lessons. Begin each of your study times with prayer and end it with prayer. Look to Heavenly Father for guidance as you prepare your lessons. He wants to help you!


And now it's time to teach! Once you've studied the lesson and scriptures, now is the time to come to LovePrayTeach for that extra help that you might need. If you like to give a handout as a simple reminder of your lesson, we have them all ready for you! If you like to include an object lesson or an attention-getting activity to help solidify your topic, you can find those in each of our lesson packets! If you just need a worksheet to help your class stay organized and a place to write down their thoughts, we have those too! We want to help you be successful as a teacher in helping you give a memorable lesson!