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2023 YW/YM: New Testament










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Come, Follow Me for Youth 2023 - Free Christmas Hangtags for Socks

Come, Follow Me for Youth 2023 - December 10 How Does Jesus Christ Make Heavenly Father’s Plan Possible? Printable Lesson Packet for Revelation 1-5

Come, Follow Me for Youth 2023 - November 26 How Can I Help My Ancestors Come Closer to Jesus Christ? Printable Lesson Packet for 1 and 2 Peter

Come, Follow Me for Youth 2023 - November 12 How Can I Draw Closer to Jesus Christ through Sacred Ordinances and Covenants? Printable Lesson Packet for Hebrews 7-13



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2024 Youth Theme I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ Ultimate Bundle


Editable Newsletter Templates for Young Women



Our Young Women/Young Men Products Include:

Come, Follow Me lesson packets for each of the YW/YM lessons.

Each packet contains high quality PDF and JPG downloads for:
  • posters
  • handouts
  • journal cards
  • scripture cards
  • board activities
  • worksheets
  • object lesson ideas
  • group discussion activities
  • Time to Teach section - this section is to be given to a Young Woman to help her teach the lesson! It includes everything she needs to feel confident in her teaching abilities.
  • Each activity includes suggestions for how to teach at home, over a zoom conference, or in person meetings.
  • NEW FOR 2023: We are now including designs for the YOUNG MEN! 

Yearly Youth Theme Printable Packet full of posters, banners, bookmarks, stickers, binder inserts, and much more! (Feminine designs for Young Women groups)


Monthly editable Newsletter bundles! (Feminine designs for Young Women groups)




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