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You can get in touch with us via email for any purpose.  Please include your name, email address and membership level/area of interest. We strive to answer enquiries within 24 hours, but please be aware that we do not work on Sundays.  We encourage you to plan ahead! 


The three most common questions we receive:

I just subscribed but it's not giving me access to the lessons.

Please check which plan you subscribed to. Our FAMILY SUBSCRIPTION PLAN gives you access to everything on our Home & Family page.
If you'd like access to Primary, Relief Society, Youth Sunday School, or Young Women, then you will need to switch to the Calling Plan or the Family+Calling Plan. You can view a description of our plans by CLICKING HERE.
To switch memberships, login to your account and click on "My Account" in the top toolbar. Click on "Manage Subscriptions." On this page, there is a button to "Upgrade Membership." Click on that and follow the instructions. 
Our system only allows one active plan at a time, so it will automatically cancel your current plan. It will also charge you again, but then extend your expiration date 2 months if you already paid for a different plan. 


How do I cancel my membership:

To cancel your membership, make sure that you are logged in. At the top of the screen, there is a button that says "My Account". Click on My Account. Then you will be able to click on another link that says "Manage Subscriptions." Click on the button that says "Cancel."  If you are on a mobile device, you will need to scroll to the right in order to see the cancel button.

You will receive an email with your cancellation notice. If you don't receive that email, then you did not cancel (check your SPAM Folder!) If you have any problems after trying to cancel on your own, please contact us. Please be aware that per our policy, we do not give refunds because you forgot to cancel your membership in time. If you cancel during a month you've already paid, you will continue to have access for the full paid period.


How do I access the lesson I just ordered from your store?

Please click on "My Account" in the top toolbar and then click on "My Orders." All of your recent purchases will be available to download instantly. You will also be sent an email with your download information. If you're not seeing your recent orders, it may mean your order did not go through. Please contact us and we can help you further.


Still not seeing your question? Please read our FAQ page to see if you can find your answer before emailing us. 


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Megan Hanson
Owner of Love Pray Teach 

Call: 1-801-210-1821