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 eight-day-family-outline-prepare-easter-2021 eight-day-family-outline-prepare-easter-2021  eight-day-family-outline-prepare-easter-2021

We have collaborated with Emily from HeyFriendShop.com to bring you this amazing Family Outline to help your family prepare for Easter! This Paper bag Journal follows along with the Easter Campaign this year to #StartToday to follow His example. 

  • This outline is broken up into 8 sections. We suggest starting on March 28th and do one section each day. There is a video and song link shared for each day that corresponds with the #StartToday outline from @ChurchofJesusChrist. Watch or listen to the links as you add to your Journal each day.  Then you will be ready for Easter on April 4th!
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    • If you're not printing the main page, the QR codes are also clickable links! Open the PDF in your computer, click on any of the QR codes, and they will take you to the website.


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Our Weekly Home and Family Printable Packets Include:

Weekly lesson plan: In our 2021 Doctrine and Covenants Family Packets, we include 4 devotionals. The first devotional includes a longer lesson that will take about 30-60 minutes. The other 3 devotionals include 10-15 minute lessons. As a family, you can choose the day you'd like the longer lesson (During this time of having Church at home, our Devotional 1 lesson is designed as a Sunday family lesson. It includes an activity for the overall theme or story for that week's scriptures, plus an activity for Primary children and an activity for the Youth.) Then choose to have the devotionals in the morning or evening. Maybe you have it during breakfast or at the dinner table - whatever works best for your family! Our devotionals are just suggestions and you can combine them or break them up to fit your family's schedule.

Activities and Printables: Included in the lesson plan are coloring pages, cut and color activities, object lessons, links to videos, question cards, links to helpful articles in The Friend Magazine, etc. We give suggestions for older and younger children so you can use what works best for your family.

Our main goal for these packets is to make it easier for you to teach your family! Let us do the hard work and you can focus on teaching your children, not spending hours trying to come up with activities, coloring pages, or object lessons on your own! We have seen the miracle of Come, Follow Me in our own homes and we know each of you can be successful!

Young Women Sample Lesson