#LightTheWorld 2019 Blogger Round Up


We are very excited to be part of #LIGHTtheWORLD again this year! We consider it an honor and privilege to be asked to help promote this initiative and help you teach it to your children.




This year's theme is "ONE BY ONE"! A new calendar has been created with daily prompts to help us serve one by one, as the Savior did.




Four Pillars of #LightTheWorld

To support the 2019 One by One theme, there are four pillars that you can participate in for the #LightTheWorld campaign:

  • Daily Service Prompts - download the calendar or submit your phone number for daily text reminders! Click here
  • Giving Machines - in 10 cities this year!
  • Invitation Sunday - invite your neighbors and friends to the December 22nd Sacrament Services. We have includes some small stars in our packet that you can use to use as invitations!
  • The Christ Child Short Film - Released on November 24th! Click here
    • This film will show you the nativity in a way that has never been done before. The tender moments, the emotions, the authenticity… all of it combines together for a powerful testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

      Our hope is this film will inspire and touch all of Christianity. It truly is a beautiful retelling of the birth of Christ, and we believe it’s a gift that can easily be shared with friends and families of other faiths.

      We hope the Spirit will inspire you as to who you can invite into your home to watch this with you, or who you can share it with on social media.

      This is a special and precious missionary tool, and we encourage you to use it in your member missionary efforts. (Church Missionary Department)



To help you get started with #LightTheWorld this year, we have created a fun and spiritual Family Home Evening night! This lesson includes Come, Follow Me ideas for week December 2-8! Have one night where you are learning about #LightTheWorld and also incorporating your Come, Follow Me scripture studies. You could even use one or two of the ideas in this packet for your Primary or Youth classes when teaching 1-3 John; Jude.


#LIGHTtheWORLD 2019 Come, Follow Me Family Home Evening Printable Lesson Packet! Teach your family Come, Follow Me and #LightTheWorld kick off night using our FHE packet! All FREE!! www.LovePrayTeach.com


Also included in the packet is an activity to help you use the daily service calendar for your family. Many of the ideas on the calendar may not work for your family and their ages. Use our #LightTheWorld stars to help you each choose what is going to work for your family and you as individuals! We also give several other fun ideas to use our stars throughout the month!


#LIGHTtheWORLD 2019 Come, Follow Me Family Home Evening Printable Lesson Packet! Teach your family Come, Follow Me and #LightTheWorld using our FHE packet! All FREE!! Includes fun stars that you can use to serve others, invite a friend to church, ornaments and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com





And here are some of our favorite #LIGHTtheWORLD printables and ideas
from our blogger friends!

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lighttheworld-blogger-roundup  lighttheworld-blogger-roundup  lighttheworld-blogger-roundup