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6-day-family-study-plan-prepare-april-2020-general  6-day-family-study-plan-prepare-april-2020-general

6-day-family-study-plan-prepare-april-2020-general  6-day-family-study-plan-prepare-april-2020-general 


We have collaborated with Emily from HeyFriendShop.com to bring you this amazing Family Lesson Packet to help your family learn more about the Restoration of the Gospel! We hope it will bless your lives as you prepare for General Conference.

This packet has been designed to be used for families of ALL ages! We have included study articles for the adults/teens for each day, plus a truly unique Restoration Journal that can be used for children of all ages (I'm even making them for my teens!) We've also included a couple fun activities for your little ones who can't write yet.

  • This packet is broken up into 6 sections. We suggest starting on March 29th and do one section each day. Then you will be ready for General Conference on April 4th!
  • Links: If the words on the instruction page are blue, then that is a clickable link. The QR codes are also clickable links.
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    • If you're not printing the main page, the QR codes are also clickable links! Open the PDF in your computer, click on any of the QR codes, and they will take you to the website.