#LightTheWorld 2017

Teaching Adults


2017 #LightTheWorld Printable Calendar for adults and leaders


Are you introducing the #LighttheWorld campaign in your adult classes? Many wards will take a few minutes during Sunday School or the 3rd Hour to talk about the initiative. We are here to help you make this a little bit easier!


On November 24th, the church will release this year's #LightTheWorld video. You will be able to find it on mormon.org/christmas.  I recommend beginning your lesson by showing this video. My favorite part is the end where they show real photos of real people giving service during last year's #LightTheWorld! Bring tissues because it's a tear-jerker for those of us that have soft tear ducts!

The church also provides a 5th Sunday lesson plan that was supposed to be the 5th Sunday in October. I think most of us missed that! You can definitely still use it though! Download it here: mormon.org/christmas/sabbath-day. I believe the best way to use this would be to put it into a Power Point to present it to your class. If the video was already released, I would have made the Power Point for you all! If you all remind me, I will be happy to put it together after November 24th!

Be sure to discuss ways that your class members participated in the campaign last year. Hopefully, you will hear some amazing stories! My family and I participated last year and it changed the Christmas Season for us. I noticed my children were no longer thinking about what they wanted for Christmas, but they started thinking about what they could do for others each day. It was AWESOME!

The church has also put together a Leadership Calendar. It has 3 suggestions per day of activities that we can do. Unfortunately, it is on 10 pages so it's not very practical if you want to pass it out to your Ward members. But don't worry! I have put it ALL on one page (front and back) for you! I have created 2 versions: one that has one calendar front and back on a page; the other one has 2 calendars front and back per page. Pick the one that will best suit your class. (If you want to view the 10 page Leadership calendar, go here: mormon.org/downloads)



Click on the images to download in color or black and white:


LightTheWorld-Teaching-Adults  LightTheWorld-Teaching-Adults



After passing out the calendars, give your class a few minutes to look it over. Ask them to think about a couple things that they could do this month. After they've had time to think about it, ask if anyone would like to share their ideas. There may be people in your class that would love to collaborate and plan something for your neighborhood or Ward to participate in! Give time to allow a discussion.


We hope that our one-page leadership calendar will assist you in your callings this year! To learn more about #LightTheWorld, please visit www.mormong.org



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2017 #LightTheWorld one page Leadership Calendar for Relief Society, Elder's Quorum, or Sunday School! www.LovePrayTeach.com