Pray for Each Sister by Name

This month's principle is about praying for the sisters that you visit. To help the sisters in your ward think about this topic and be reminded each week, I've created this bulletin board poster for you to display! I love this quote from President Eyring in the lesson!

8.5" x 11" Bulletin Board Poster:

(Click on the image to download the PDF)

Free Visiting Teaching bulletin board poster for March 2018: "Pray for Each Sister by Name"


Since Easter is April 1st this year, a great thing to take to the sisters you visit is a copy of "The Living Christ." Encourage them to study the words of our prophets and apostles throughout the month. You could roll up the printable and tie a little ribbon around it for a pretty touch! The handout is 8.5"x11" and I would suggest printing "borderless" if your printer has that option. (When you pull up the PDF, the L's look darker than the rest of the letters. It prints normal though! I'm not sure why this font does this, but it looks perfect when printed.)

(Click on the image to download the PDF)

Free March 2018 Visiting Teaching Printable "The Living Christ"