2018 Relief Society Fourth Sunday Meetings Lesson Packets


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The new (Oct - Dec 2018) 4th Sunday Meetings page on LDS.org are now "PERSONAL AND FAMILY SCRIPTURE STUDY."  

I have combined "Consistency in Gospel Study" and "Gospel Discussion at Home and at Church" into one packet. The 4th Sunday in December is on the 23rd and we are only having Sacrament Meeting that day. The two topics flow nicely together and will make a great lesson!


"Personal Scripture Study" Relief Society 4th Sunday Printable Lesson Packet for Latter-day Saints including handouts, bookmarks, scripture reading chart, powerpoint, notes pages, object lesson, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com  Relief Society 4th Sunday Lesson Packet October-December 2018 "Consistency in Gospel Study" and "Gospel Discussions at Home and at Church" www.LovePrayTeach.com 


Ministering to Others:

LDS Relief Society 4th Sunday "What does it mean to minister to others?" Lesson helps for "Ministering to Others" Fourth Sunday Meeting including printables, handouts, posters, PowerPoint, Ministering banner, notes page, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com  "The Savior is our perfect example of ministering." LDS Relief Society Fourth Sunday 2018 Lesson Packet including printables, powerpoint, handouts, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com   "Ministering is motivated by Christlike love." LDS Relief Society Fourth Sunday lesson packet including printables, handouts, powerpoint, posters, notes, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com   Relief Society Fourth Sunday "God wants all of His children to be watched over and cared for." Printable Lesson Packet including handouts, powerpoint, posters, note's pages and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com  Relief Society 4th Sunday "The Worth of Souls is great in the sight of God" Printable lesson packets for Ministering to Others including handouts, PowerPoint, Object Lesson, note's page, posters, banner, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com  Relief Society Fourth Sunday "True Ministers Focus on the Needs of Others" Printable lesson packet, handouts, posters, powerpoint, activity idea, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com  "The Lord wants us to accept ministering from others." LDS Relief Society Printable lesson packet for 4th Sunday "Ministering to Others" www.LovePrayTeach.com  LDS Relief Society Fourth Sunday "There are many ways we can minister to others." Printable lesson packet including handouts, PowerPoint, object lesson, note's page, and more! www.LovePrayTeach.com










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