To help you study and dive a little deeper into your Book of Mormon in 2024, we have once again partnered with Cali Black from Come, Follow Me Study to bring you her amazing "Big Picture/Little Picture" Study Guides! These packets are included with your Family Subscription Plan. Each month, we will post the entire month of packets. Download and use them throughout the month. You can print them or pull them up on your phone or iPad for easy reference. We will keep each monthly Study Guide on our site for 3 months. Please download them to your computer if you'd like to refer back to them.

Click on the images below to download:

August 2024 Book of Mormon Come, Follow Me Study Guides Alma 36-63 Book of Mormon Study Guides by Cali Black Alma 17-35 June 2024 Book of Mormon Come, Follow Me Study Guides


From Cali:

Ready to feel totally confident while studying the Book of Mormon for Come, Follow Me in 2024?

In creating @comefollowmestudy and growing a scripture study community there, I've discovered there are 2 elements for effective scripture study:

  • Understanding what is actually going on, and
  • Applying the scriptures to my life!

I started creating Big Picture/Little Picture Study Guides to help with both elements in the simplest way possible.

Perfect for busy moms, teens, teachers, and anyone else who is looking to maximize their scripture study time this year!

Included in my Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Study Guide:

  • Weekly study guides that give you everything you need to know for that week
  • A "BIG PICTURE" section that gives simple bullet points that quickly teach what you need to know, including important people to know, significant places, spiritual themes, or anything else that is relevant for the week.
  • A "LITTLE PICTURE" section that walks through each chapter of that week's reading assignment, giving short reminders of what you should know before you read, and what you are actually reading about
  • SEVEN SPIRITUAL GUIDING QUESTIONS for each week that will help you with that crucial step of applying the scripture stories to your life and makings changes right away.

Happy Studying!

-Cali Black



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