"Ministering is Seeing Others as the Savior Does"

Free June 2019 Relief Society Ministering

Bulletin Board Printable Poster


Our Ministering posters include key points or quotes from the Ensign magazine's articles on "Ministering Principles." You can find June's Ensign article by clicking here.

These posters include 2 sizes: 8.5"x11" and 5"x7".  You can use them to decorate your Relief Society bulletin board, your Ward bulletin board, and/or add them to your monthly newsletter!

You could also use the 5x7 JPG and text them to sisters in your Ward to teach them about the principles each month, or post to your Relief Society Facebook page!


FREE June2019 Relief Society Ministering Printable: "Ministering is Seeing Others as the Savior Does"  |  Includes 8.5x11 and 5x7 PDF and JPG  |  www.LovePrayTeach.com

Download 8.5x11 PDF

Download 8.5x11 JPG

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