author/source: Megan Hanson

Latter-day Saints Relief Society Ministering

October 2018


 FREE Fall bread wrapper printables and October 2018 LDS Relief Society bulletin board poster on www.LovePrayteach.com


Bulletin Board:

Each month, I am going to be offering a new 8.5"x11" poster for Ministering! You can use these to decorate your Relief Society bulletin boards or on your Ward's bulletin board in the hallway. This would also be a great addition to your Relief Society newsletter! This year, I will try to focus the posters on quotes about Ministering so that we can all continue to learn how to minister better! This month's poster, I used the article in the October 2018 Ensign: "Ministering Principles: Getting Help to Help Others."


(Click on the image to download the PDFS)


Free October 2018 Relief Society Ministering Bulletin Board Poster on www.LovePrayTeach.com 



Fall Bread Wrappers:

Fall is here and so is the smell of pumpkins, cinnamon, and all things warm! A perfect gift to give your Ministering Sisters this month is a loaf of sweet bread! Dress it up with one of our bread wrappers. I like to add a piece of burlap or large ribbon or even scrapbook paper behind the wrapper to add an extra touch. Even if you don't bake, you can grab a loaf of bread from the grocery store or Kneaders (my favorite!)


FREE Fall bread wrapper printables on www.LovePrayTeach.com 




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