Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: New Testament 2019 Week 4: January 21–27 John 1 "We Have Found the Messiah" Printable Lesson Packet

author/source: Megan Hanson



Our 7 day lesson plan follows right along with the Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: New Testament 2019 Week 4: January 21–27 John 1 "We Have Found the Messiah


  • Day 1 is a longer lesson and will take 30-60 minutes depending on how much your family likes to discuss! This will be similar to a traditional Family Home Evening. Begin with a prayer and choose a song if your family likes to sing. Sunday would be a great day to choose as Day 1, but pick which day works best for your family. (It was hard for me to convey how awesome this chapter is in the lesson packet! This is actually one of my favorite chapters in all of the scriptures. I love the phrase "come and see!" It can take on so many different levels. I picture the apostles running to the next one with excitement, saying "come and see! It's the one we've been waiting for!" I wrote an Instagram post about this chapter about a year ago. After learning more about it in a Stake Conference talk, all I could think about was my teenage daughter who had become inactive. All the fighting and crying over the years, and all I wanted her to do was "come and see!" Just come to church and you will "see!" When we have testimonies and are converted, what is the first thing we want to do? We want to share it with those we love! That's exactly what the apostles did in John chapter 1! They were so excited and wanted to share that joy with their friends and family.)
  • Days 2-7 should take about 5-10 minutes.  We are calling these our "mini devotionals!" They can be guided by the parents, or assign a day to each member of the family. Choose a time to have your devotionals - breakfast, family prayer, driving around in the car - whichever works best for you! Have the person prepared to start the devotional and prepare any printables that you will be using. Not every day will have a printable or an activity. Some days are just discussion questions. Don't stress if you skip a day, just move onto the next or combine days! We encourage you, as parents, to study the suggested scriptures each week ahead of your family. This will help you be prepared to guide the devotionals and be ready for questions that are asked.
  • QR Codes: This week's lesson contains 3 QR codes:  two of them are different object lessons on missionary work and one will take you to Preach My Gospel to learn more about the Plan of Salvation. You can use your camera on your phone to scan the QR codes. The links are also included if you're not printing the lesson plan - just click on the name of the words next to the QR code and it will take you there! 


We had some requests for a "God Needs Brave Daughters" page to go with the one about the sons. This quote isn't attributed to anyone, but I don't think President Eyring will mind that we are including the daughters too! The file has now been updated to include the one for daughters. I also added these images as black and white in case your little ones would like to color them. (If you've already downloaded this file and the new pages aren't showing up, you will need to clear your cache/cookies.)


Since we are all new to this manual, we are strongly encouraging any feedback, suggestions, comments, things you liked, etc. so we can improve our future lesson packets! Leave a comment below or feel free to email us at [email protected]. Our families will be using these packets right along with your families! Thank you!

Please do not share our files with others. You have permission to print as many copies as you need for personal and/or church use.