Youth Sunday School Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon 2020 April 13–19  Mosiah 1–3 “Filled with Love towards God and All Men” Printable Lesson Packet for Latter-day Saints for Parents AND Teachers

Hi everyone! It's Joan with the lesson packet for Youth Sunday School. This packet is for your April 19th lesson and includes information for parents AND teachers! Special Note: Since we’re having church at home right now, we’ve made changes to our packets. They will now be available weekly. They include activities and handouts for teachers to send to their class members or for parents to use at home to teach their own children. You can download the zip file here of the files to make it easier to share them online. Each weekly packet will include a question, handout, worksheet/activity sheet, and a scripture journal prompt. Please use what works for you in your own circumstances. You don’t need to use everything that is included.


This packet is for:

April 13–19

Mosiah 1–3

“Filled with Love towards God and All Men”


Please let me know if you're looking for any specific helps for your Youth Sunday School lessons. Feel free to leave a comment or email us at [email protected] with any suggestions and/or how your lesson went! Click the button below to download the packet:


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