LDS Young Women July: "Why are covenants important in my life?" Come, Follow Me Printable Lesson Packet

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Our Young Women printable packs include PDF downloads for:

  • Handouts
  • Posters
  • Journal Cards
  • Scripture Cards
  • Activity Ideas
  • Gum Treat Handout
  • and more!  







This lesson includes:

  • THREE POSTERS to display in your classroom to help the Young Women think about the topic. 
  • BLANK POSTER that you can use to add your own quotes and/or scriptures.
  • 3"x3" HANDOUTS. These are the perfect size for the girls to put in their smash books, hang on their bulletin boards, or tape inside their lockers at school. They are also the perfect size to text or post to your YW Facebook page to help remind the girls what the lesson was about.
  • 4"x6" JPG HANDOUT - easy to send to the printer
  • GUM TREAT HANDOUT and OBJECT LESSON to help the Young Women understand that when we keep our promises to Heavenly Father, He will keep His promises to us!
  • 5"x7" JOURNAL CARDS. These journal cards give the girls a place to write down their thoughts or goals for the coming week.
  • SCRIPTURE CARDS and BLANK CARDS. All of the scriptures in the lesson are already typed onto little cards for you. There are also blank cards to use to add your own scriptures or to use in other parts of the lesson.
  • BURYING THEIR WEAPONS activity idea and NOTES PAGE to write a letter
  • WORKSHEETS to help you teach Mosiah 5 and Alma 53




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